When was the last time you fell asleep without worrying about your debt? Are you tired of threatening letters and phone calls? Do you find yourself just keeping your head above water month after month as you decide which credit card payment you can skip?

If you are like millions of Americans in debt, you are probably starting to realize that digging yourself out of credit card debt and bank loans is almost impossible. If you work, the chances of getting a promotion and a big pay raise may be starting to seem like a distant dream. You aren't worried about getting rich. You just want a fresh start.

"If you are recently divorced, you may find yourself saddled with half the marital debt, but no way to pay it back. You won't be able to start a new life until your debt is gone. With the crash of our market, the negative connotation associated with bankruptcy has left us. Bankruptcy is a legal option to help people get a fresh start." — Attorney Jason Sherlock

If you live in Sacramento County or Placer County, California, call the bankruptcy attorneys at Sherlock // Anderson, PC, in Roseville. We have helped many individuals and families facing insolvency because of their consumer debt. We are licensed in the federal courts and are able to assist you through each step of the process.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Through Chapter 7, you can eliminate credit card debt and most types of bank loan debt. You may be able to keep your car and house by affirming the debt and continuing to make the monthly mortgage and auto loan payments. Some types of debt are restricted under Chapter 7 and cannot be completely eliminated. How much debt you eliminate is often a matter of how much experience your lawyer has.

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