Real Estate Finance Law

Are you considering getting involved in real estate investing? Before you sign an agreement on a residential home, commercial real estate or development property, are you 100 percent confident in what you are signing? Talk to an attorney at Sherlock Clark Anderson, LLP, in Roseville. We will explain every line and what the provisions of the contract mean to you.

Senior partner Brian Clark has many years of experience advising and representing clients in all areas of property development financing and real estate law in California. He has worked with financial institutions and professional developers at the highest level and is recognized as one of the Sacramento metropolitan area's pre-eminent real estate financing lawyers.

Constantly Changing, Complex Area Of Law

Because real estate financing is subject to state and federal regulations, as well as regional commercial and residential real estate markets, the laws are always changing. We remain current with municipal, state and federal mortgage law to assist our clients in matters such as:

  • Mortgage statutory law and regulations
  • The nature of the mortgagee's obligation
  • Substitute options for mortgages
  • Regulatory intervention
  • Financing construction and property development projects
  • Construction defect lawsuit loans
  • A mortgagor's responsibility under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA)

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