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COVID-19 Update

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2020 | Firm News

Roseville, CA (PLACER COUNTY) March 26, 2020 – Following an announcement by California Governor Gavin Newsome ordering “Shelter in Placer” for California residents due to the COVID-19 pandemic many local courts have been significantly impacted.*

These are unprecedented and difficult times for all people, whether struggling to complete a divorce matter, litigating over child custody and visitation or addressing immediate safety needs contained within a restraining order. Amidst the state of emergency, the attorneys at sherlock // anderson, pc continue to be available for current and new clients for all family law matters by phone 916-757-6630, email: [email protected] or [email protected] ; or visiting the website

The information below describes the current status of Placer and Sacramento Family Court. Should a situation arise where someone needs protection from domestic violence or keeping a child safe, an attorney can be available to address requests and objections to emergency orders. In addition, any person considering a divorce, or struggling with an ongoing dissolution should not hesitate to reach out. At the time of drafting this release the courts continue to accept new filings and set dates for non-emergency matters. In an event where a court does close the doors to all matters, sherlock // anderson, pc encourages people to contact an attorney now to be prepared for the influx and avoid the chaos that will ensure when business returns to normal.