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Protecting Your Interests With Contract Law

Last updated on September 8, 2023

At sherlock // anderson, pc, we have the ability and concern for protecting your interests in your business contracts. A written agreement carries a four year statute of limitations, which means that for four years upon understanding and signature on a contract that contract stands.

Business contracts can range from a product purchase agreement, to the articles of incorporation between partners of a business. Every time you sign a piece of paper you most likely are entering into a contract. It is beneficial to understand what you are signing and whether it passes muster for enforceability should something with the transaction or deal go wrong. Our attorneys are well versed in the ability to review contracts, enforce them and crafting them to support the terms of an agreement.

Verbal contracts or handshake deals exist, but to enforce them will take some advice from counsel. Given that immediate advice and analysis is dispensed upon meeting, we charge a lower hourly rate for this consultation.

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