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Trusted Legal Counsel In Divorce

What makes sherlock // anderson, pc, in Roseville, California, different when it comes to filing for divorce? Our lawyers know the divorce process often starts a chain of legal events that will likely make a profound impact on your life. Whether it has to do with custody and child support, dividing marital property or dealing with debt, we will ensure that you have an advocate by your side each step of the way.

A Certified Family Law Specialist

At sherlock // anderson, pc, we are equipped with the professional experience, knowledge and resources to work with you through the legal issues that often accompany divorce. Whether you are just starting the paperwork, have a complete amicable agreement that you need to be memorialized in writing, or you are in the midst of contentious litigation, we can help. In addition, Jason Sherlock is a Certified Family Law Specialist by the State Bar of California, Board of Legal Specialization, and this indicates his focus on family law issues.

Helping You Regain Control

We will provide you with information regarding your rights and responsibilities involving property, settlement and custody issues. It is our goal to help you maintain some level of control over the issues that are most important to you.

  • Dividing marital property: Including real property, complex business valuations and retirement account analyses
  • Child custody and parenting rights: The best interests of your child(ren) are our priority, as we handle all matters related to custody, visitation, grandparents’ rights, guardianship, adoption and juvenile dependency/Child Protective Services matters
  • Collaborative divorce and mediation services
  • Asset protection and estate planning: Including making necessary changes to your will or trust. Our goal is to help you protect the financial assets and retirement money that may be part of your property settlement.

Post-Divorce Services

If you need help modifying your custody, parenting schedule or child support agreement, or you need to adjust your spousal maintenance obligations, talk to us about filing a petition through the courts.

Free 30-Minute Consultation With One Of Our Lawyers

You will face a vast number of choices during your family law matter, many of which can seem overwhelming. You don’t have to go through it alone. Choosing a lawyer with whom you have a relationship of trust and confidence will help ease your stress. Call sherlock // anderson, pc, at 916-757-6630 or use our online contact form to arrange a free 30-minute consultation today.