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Complex Business Property Valuation And Division

Last updated on September 4, 2023

Divorcing spouses who own and operate a business often find that property settlement is the most challenging dispute to overcome. Even if the business was already owned by one spouse prior to marriage, marital assets are often used to support its growth and successful operation over the years.

In many cases, one spouse remained out of the workforce to support the family or help operate the business on a part-time basis. The situation is made even more complicated when business partners and shareholder investors have a stake in the outcome.

Protecting Your Rights When A Business Is Involved In A Divorce

Business valuation and equitable distribution of assets are among the most complex areas of a California divorce. If you own a business or professional practice in Sacramento County, Placer County or anywhere in Central or Northern California, our attorneys can help you understand the process and create strategies to protect your financial interests.

The divorce attorneys at Sherlock // Anderson, PC, bring together decades of experience in complex and high-asset property settlements and divorce judgments involving business asset protection and business ownership as part of marital property.

Put Our Experience To Work For You

We have extensive experience in dividing business assets in divorce. This includes resolving and litigating property disputes such as:

  • Businesses and professional practices classified as separate property
  • Businesses that have grown and succeeded as a result of commingled marital assets
  • Valuation of professional practices and the calculated value of the professional license
  • Businesses co-owned and operated with investment partners
  • Calculation and division of business debt obligations
  • Overseas business operations and investments
  • Businesses included in provisions of a prenuptial agreement

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